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Russian - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Ротенбург - talking about a city, intermediate Russian

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Here I tell you about the German city Rothenburg in Russian with English and Russian subtitles! So you can imrove your Russian and also learn something new about the world! It's gonna be great! Follow me ;)
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Russian travelling to Germany - Kletterwald, веревочный парк, climbing forest, Rothenburg

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Today we have a very unconventional Russian class! We travel to Germany, Rothernburg, where we are going to visit a Kletterwald or a climbing forest. Watching this class you will enlarge your Russian vocabulary and see how you can enjoy climbing different routes! If you are adventurous, it is deffinitely for you!

Russian travelling - Nürnberg, talking about a city - путешествие в Нюрнберг, Германия

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Let's travel around the world and study Russian at the same time! Today we will come to Nürnberg, in Germany. It's a very interesting city with rich history, which attracts many tourists every year.
p.s. I am on vacation now in Germany. But I will try to post videos as often as possible!

Travelling: Bodensee 3 - Switzerland waterfall - The Rhine Falls, Rheinfall

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In Switzerland there is the biggest waterfall in Europe! It is very powerful and majestic - travel with me to other countries and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of different places around the world!
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