About this project
This web-site and my channel are for those, 1) who study English at the intermediate level or higher and for those, 2) who study Russian from the very beginning and know English a little. So if you belong to one of these two groups you will find a lot of useful information here! So welcome!
You might study both langueses of course, if you want to - thus learning Russian from scratch and improving your English. I am gonna be you teacher, your motivator and your beacon in the sea of knowledge. Wah, so pompous! Sorry :) Just so you know, I am gonna do my best to make the process of learning these two languages as enjoyable and easy for you as possible!
About myself

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from the Ural Federal University in Russia, Yekaterinburg. I have been 

teaching English and German for a very long period of time, starting from the second year of my university studies. I have been doing different kinds of teaching: conventional - that is I had classes at the university, more private - at a specialized language school, online - in skype and now also by creating video lessons. I speak three languages - Russian, English and German. Many students of mine ask me why I haven't started making German videos and I keep answering that I would love to, but unfortunately I do not have much free time so far.

I have many hobbies, as least I used to have, not it is harder and harder to find time for them - I play the piano and guitar, I write poems and stories, also like reading of course and watching TV series in English and in German. I sometimes do crazy things like going on a mountain marathon (21 kilometers up the mountain + 21 kilometers down) or swimming across a lake etc.
Other places
You can visit my YouTube channel, where you will find all my videos, there is also my English groups at, and Facebook, as well as my Russian groups also at and Facebook.
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